The outbreak on our faces: consequence of environmental pollution


The consequences of the state of emergency in the city of Medellin due to environmental pollution are not only the peak and plaque, but also the physical and physiological health, and in terms of physics I mean our skin, which in itself suffers all the effects of bad state of the air and that before this state of alarm it is even more exposed.

“According to the most recent reports, of the 19 monitoring stations, 15 are in red, so it is warned that the air is harmful to the population’s health,” RCN Radio said in a note. Now you wonder how harmful it can be to my face? Surely this will surprise you but poor environmental quality accelerates the biological age of the skin.

Air pollutants affect our epidermis, whose main function is to act as a protective shield against harmful external particles, but it is not always effective in this work. And that is when these agents affect internally, increasing the levels of free radicals in our body, damaging the cellular DNA and causing the appearance or acceleration of different pathologies in the skin.

How do I check that my skin has been affected by contamination?

  • It lacks brightness, appearance off.
  • Hyperpigmentation in the skin.
  • Appearance of spots.
  • Appearance of acne.
  • The signs of aging increase or appear.
  • Dehydration
  • Inflammation.
  • Skin sensitivity

Ready … I already knew the problem, what is the solution?

If your skin has been affected by pollutants and you want to restore the luminosity, wear a lush face and fight acne or prevent wrinkles, here we show you how to:

  • You must perform a facial cleaning every month, and remember that Amatsu Spa has a 25% discount on facial cleanses every Tuesday.
  • Use the right products for your skin, whether it is oily, dry or mixed.
  • Use sunscreen.
  • Use products that contain antioxidants or the same grape to eliminate the free radicals that cause our aging.
  • Clean the face with micellar waters, cleansing milk, gels or tonics.

You know, Amatsu Spa supports you in the task of removing impurities from your face, combating acne and delaying the appearance of the first wrinkles with this offer in Medellín facial cleansing every Tuesday.

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