Spa managers

Manager - Director

Ingrid Paola Atencia

She honors her second last name, Fuerte. She is a strong and leading woman, recognized as a cosmetologist with a degree in Integral Aesthetics of Cosmetology and Aesthetics. Soon after, she obtained a specialization in post-operative treatments at the Spanish school called LESTHETIC. This training allowed her to have the necessary knowledge to start this Amatsu Spa project in 2011. With the desire to continue growing and increase her knowledge, Ingrid decided to start this amazing project by herself back in 2011.

Among her contributions to the spa, we include: procedures and techniques used in facial services, acne, hydration, body treatments, reduction of measures, among others.

In addition to being passionate about her work, she enjoys skating, sharing with her beautiful dog, visiting places of warm weather and, above all, visiting the sea to disconnect from the daily routine.

It is very easy to recognize her human quality, she is a woman who enjoys surrounding herself with dreamy and enterprising people like her. The most important thing about Ingrid is her values. Among them are: respect and honesty.


Nafer Chávez Barrios

Specialized in massage therapy since 2011, he is our leading massage therapist. He attended a degree in Physical Education.

In his first days at Amatsu Spa he began in charge of the administrative area and, over time, he became more and more involved with all the services offered by the spa.

He specializes in relaxation, therapeutic and sports massages. Outside his working hours he enjoys listening to music, reading and studying.

He is also a professional, creative, friendly, neat and helpful man. Values that identify him are: kindness, respect, responsibility and loyalty.

Our team

Paula Andrea Hernández


She is our youngest cosmetologist, she was born on July 29, 1995. In 2016 she became a professional with her degree in cosmetology and integral aesthetics, months later she arrived at Amatsu Spa through a recommendation. She is the right specialist for relaxation, reduction massages, facial cleansing and waxing.

Karen Andrea Gómez


Born on April 21, 1994, she is a technologist in administrative management since 2016, she develops in the spa as a secretary, she is the one who helps us in the management of appointments and many important tasks.
Since arriving at the spa in April 2017 through a recommendation, she has proven to be a good companion, cordial, kind, honest and very respectful.

And just as she enjoys her work, she loves reading. A very intellectual woman who enjoys constant training and growth.

María Elizabeth Yepes


One of our most veteran cosmetologists. Since 2007 she has been specializing in the area of reflexology, through the training of Centro de Reflexología Hermanitas de la Anunciación: Reflexology Workshop, Reflexology Training and Labor Technique in manual therapies.

She also trained in Reiki therapy, studying: Universal Reiki Workshop, Level 1, 2, 3 and Reiki Master 2008 with Master Matty Veléz.

Then, joined the Amatsu Spa team at the beginning of 2016, after meeting the spa through advertising. Since then, she has taken the position of leading our relaxing therapies such as Reiki, farm leveling and relaxation massages.

Maria is a sincere, respectful and very positive woman. She also loves to be on time.

María Elizabeth Yepes Barrera


Es nuestra comestológa mas veterana. Desde el 2007 se ha ido especializando en el área de reflexología, por medio de las capacitaciones del Centro de Reflexología Hermanitas de la Anunciación: Taller de Reflexologia, Capacitación de Reflexología y Técnica laboral en terapias manuales.

También se preparó en la terapia del Reiki, al cursar: Taller Reiki Universal, Nivel 1, 2 ,3 y Maestría Reiki 2008 con la Master Matty Veléz.

Se integró al equipo de Amatsu Spa a inicios del 2016, tras conocer el spa por medio de una publicidad. Y desde entonces ha llevado la batuta como reflexóloga a cargo de terapias relajantes como el Reiki, nivelación de chacras y masajes de relajación.

María es una mujer sincera, respetuosa, positiva y muy puntual.

Karen Andrea Gómez Lopera


Nació el 21 de abril de 1994, es una tecnóloga en gestión administrativa desde el 2016, se desarrolla dentro del spa como secretaria, es quien nos ayuda en la gestión de las citas y muchas tareas importantes.
Desde su llegada al spa en abril del 2017 por medio de una recomendación, ha demostrado ser una buena compañera, cordial, amable, honesta y muy respetuosa.

Y así como disfruta de su trabajo, le encanta la lectura, es una mujer muy intelectual que disfruta de formarse y crecer constantemente.

Paula Andrea Hernández Vanegas


Es nuestra cosmetóloga más joven, nació el 29 de Julio de 1995. En el 2016 se convirtió en una profesional con su título en cosmetología y estética integral, meses más tarde llegó a Amatsu Spa por medio de una recomendación, y en la actualidad cumple más de dos años de experiencia, destacándose en masajes de relajación y reducción, limpieza facial  y depilación con cera.

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