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In this section we reserve some other services that, despite not entering the previous classifications, are of great interest and we did not want to leave them apart.

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Duration: 30 minutes


It is a procedure to gradually clarify certain areas on the skin, with specialized treatments and of the highest quality to obtain excellent results. It can lighten armpits, crotch, elbows, knee and more.

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Duration: 15 Minutes


Maximum 15 minutes per session. If you want to extend the duration, ask for its added value.

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Duration: varies. Contact us for more info


The airbrush tan consists of a liquid that is sprayed on the entire body 100% natural, lasts approximately 5 to 10 days, depending on the care, the skin acquires a natural tan, in a single application obtain a guaranteed natural cinnamon color Without damage to skin and health, it does not stain skin or clothing.

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Marketing is implicit in everything we do, the human being is the central axis of all relationships, through a Personal Marketing strategy you can meet and have better results in your Interpersonal relationships, in your image and your work projection. Going deeper into the work area, the image that your employees transmit is a fundamental part of the perception that customers have of your company.

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Duration: 30 Minutes


The harmonization and leveling therapy of chakras (energy centers) gives excellent and immediate results. The seven main chakras we have in our body are harmonized and leveled without touching the person receiving the therapy. For this technique the different colors of the chakras (chromotherapy) and the sound are used, creating a dynamic result in the client.

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Duration: 01 Hour


It is a technique of channeling and transmission of vital energy through the laying on of hands, which is used to obtain peace and balance at all levels. During a treatment, you feel a deep relaxation, a great feeling of peace.
You can do individual sessions or the treatment of four sessions where you work more thoroughly to get the patient out of some state of disharmony.

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Duration: varies. Contact us for more info


Show a beautiful and hairless skin. Waxing is a process that is carried out to remove hair that covers the skin. It can be done in certain areas, such as leg, armpits, bikini, arms, eyebrows, mustache, back, chest, etc. This hair removal applies to both men and women, the hair is uprooted, so it can take several weeks to get out again.

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