The ultrasonic hydrolipoclasia it’s a liposculpture without surgery

hidrolipoclasia ultrasonica, hidrolipoclasia medellin

The ultrasonic hydrolipoclasia it’s a liposculpture without surgery


Beyond the standards of beauty handled in the society in which we live, it is important to feel good and comfortable with our body. This is reflected in our self-esteem.

We are constantly looking for options that guarantee satisfactory aging. We need treatments aimed at combating some effects over the years painlessly and without risks.

Thanks to the technological advances of today, there are tools such as ultrasound, which have been adapted for application in aesthetic medicine. What has opened the way to the development of new options aimed at reaching our goals less invasively and at affordable prices.

What is ultrasound?

Ultrasound is a mechanical vibration with frequency higher than the human ear can perceive. These frequencies exceed 20,000 vibrations per second.

In the medical field, ultrasound is one of the most popular procedures linked to ultrasound. This technique is very useful to obtain images for diagnostic purposes.

Based on this mechanism, we can now find treatments where we apply ultrasound in Medellín, such as: Hydrolipoclasia or Ultrasonic Liposculpture and Facial Ultrasound.

What is hydrolipoclasia?

The name Hydrolipoclasia comes from the Greek, “hydro” which means water, “lipo” which means fat, and “clasia” which results in breaking or bursting.

Hydrolipoclasia in general, is a procedure that relies on ultrasound. It is also known as Ultrasonic Hydrolipoclasia, which consists of generating cavitation, in a controlled way, by means of a roller and gel. This produces a series of small bubbles that destroy the body’s fat cells without interfering with the blood system.

This procedure is also known as Ultrasonic Liposculpture. It is ideal to eliminate fat permanently, for the dissolution of localized fat, cellulite or orange skin. This makes it a recommended substitute for known invasive treatments, such as liposculpture, laser lipolysis or liposuction.

It consists of a subdermal injection of saline solutions in the area that we wish to improve, for the subsequent application of ultrasonic energy. With this, the detachment of this localized fat is caused for its subsequent expulsion naturally.

hidrolipoclasia ultrasonica, hidrolipoclasia medellin
hidrolipoclasia ultrasonica, hidrolipoclasia medellin
hidrolipoclasia ultrasonica, hidrolipoclasia medellin

The procedure applied by the professional performing the treatment involves several steps. First, you must define the area of ​​interest with a skin marker, before disinfecting the area. Finally, it will proceed to infiltrate it with sterile solutions, well distributed in the subdermal tissue.

Subsequently, with the help of radiofrequency, blood irrigation in the treated area will be increased and lymphatic drainage is improved. Then, the fat that is destroyed passes to the liver, where it is metabolized and subsequently eliminated by the body.

In ultrasonic liposculpture, it is recommended to perform a draining massage with oils and creams. It is also important to use a thin compression girdle to favor the elimination of the resulting liquid fats. Also, the patient should drink 2 liters of water outside the meals. In cases of excess weight it is important to follow some kind of diet.

When using this technique, you should consider that the process must be carried out in several sessions to obtain the expected results. With the benefit of avoiding long and painful recovery processes that involve surgical interventions.

In Medellín, the field of aesthetics has facial ultrasound equipment that allows tightening the skin of the face, neck and décolleté. Making the most of the ability of these sounds to act in the deepest layers of the skin.

When selecting a beauty treatment, it is important to explore the different options. What will allow us to evaluate, which of the possible aesthetic techniques available is the one that will guide us most effectively to the result we want to obtain.

There are several teams designed to work with ultrasound technology in the field of aesthetic medicine. The treatment of cellulite, varicose veins, localized accumulations of fat, acne, edema, scars, stretch marks and localized circulatory disorders, now have a solution.

There is no doubt that when talking about aesthetics, the alternatives offered by ultrasound deserve to be considered for its many pros and indisputable results. Always taking into account the opinion of specialized professionals.

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