Do not let the stress or the routine of day to day end your peace of mind, let yourself be carried away by the magic and relaxation that a good spa service can offer, through innovative therapies based on Japanese philosophies. We will recharge yourself with positive energies, relieve tensions and pains.
If you are looking a express spa day because you do not have much time, or if it is a special date like fifteen years, visit with a partner or friends, or something more intimate as a connection with your baby, Amatsu Spa is the best option.

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We are one of the few spas in Medellín that has a large portfolio of massages with techniques from India, Indonesia, Hawaii, Japan and Thailand. In addition to relaxing therapies such as volcanic stones, aromatherapy, chromotherapy, maderotherapy, among others.
And we not only focus on relaxing massages, we also offer therapeutic and sports massages to be able to treat each case as required. if you are interested in any question, the one that most closely matches your needs.

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Your face is the most important image you give of yourself, it is the first area of the body with which eye contact is made, the key point: the most visible. Therefore, it is the area that is most exposed to pollution, the effects of the passing of the years, strong sun rays, stress and other factors.
In Amatsu Spa we have different treatments for each case, see the one that most closely matches your needs.

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The years, genetics, lack of time to exercise and other factors are the culprits that your body does not look as you wish; generating insecurities and in some cases depression, which motivates us to work towards results that exceed the superficial reach. That is why we have a wide variety of body treatments focused on restoring trust to the client and causing her great satisfaction.
If you are interested in improving the appearance of your body, at Amatsu Spa we have different treatments for each case, see the one that most closely resembles your needs., Consult the one that most closely resembles your needs.

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If you are interested in returning the softness and luminosity to your skin, and also giving it a more uniform appearance, we offer you a variety of masks to hydrate it, as well as exfoliations to eliminate dead cells. You can unify an exfoliation procedure with your favorite moisturizing mask, or simply opt for a spa service that has both, at Amatsu Spa we have a variety of options to please you, check the service that most closely matches your needs and interests.

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We have other alternatives that will also help favor your appearance, such as hair removal, depigmentation and tanning. As well as procedures of superficial and emotional reach such as image counseling – coach and leveling of farms, if you want to know what each of them is about, with just one click you can access and clarify your doubts.

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Our Services

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Duration: 3 hours


Renew your body and spirit. This spa service is the combination between body relaxation and hydration of the skin of the entire body and face; It is suitable for a day of rest and total renovation in an atmosphere of harmony and peace, accompanied by aromas, candles, music, and much more.

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Duration: 1 hour and 30 Minutes


Designed especially for those who handle a significant load of stress, those who experience severe pain in the neck and back, who usually work sit, or executives who walk just short times during the day. Just open a small space on your agenda to enjoy a relaxing and refreshing moment.

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Duration: 1 hour and 30 Minutes


Designed for the most spoiled of the house. In a magical game we will free the imagination of children with bombs, colored candies and ice cream, without forgetting the relaxation combined with a fun mask of fruits and to finish the sparkling bath where we will finish pampering and spoiling them. For Amatsu Spa children are even more important.

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