Buttock Treatment


  • Duration: 1 hour. More duration may be available.
  • A toned buttock without surgery or gym.
  • Remove the chubby volume around the subglute.
  • Greater volume in the middle area of the buttock.


  • Complement the treatments with exercises that you can do at home to keep your glute more toned.

DESCRIPTION: This treatment tones, reaffirms, and helps to lift the buttocks harmoniously and naturally. The treatment consists of: firming massages, electrostimulation therapies, cryotherapy (cold), vacuum therapy or Swedish cup.

Every appointment also includes:

      • 1 session with the latest devices according to the treatment.
      • 1 massage session.
      • 1 session with cold or warm waves according to the treatment.


Why Amatsu Spa?

Our spa offers a unique service, based on the humanization of our care without leaving behind professionalism regarding privacy and quality.

Our staff is kept up to date with the new techniques of Japanese millenary elements, therapies and philosophies. There are few spas in Medellín that are based on these relaxation methodologies, this is what makes us unique.

Did you know?

Artists like JLo have secured their buttock for the unbelievable amount of $ 27 million dollars.

Do i need to schedule an evaluation appointment?

Yes. However keep in mind that this first evaluation interview is 100% FREE.

How often should i take this service?

We suggest you to just take this procedure 2 times per week.

Will I see immediate results?

The speed of the results vary among different people. Make sure you contact us if you still have any question about this procedure.

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