Good nutrition and exercise will help you to maintain the results of aesthetic treatments


To the regret of many, aesthetic treatments and surgeries do not offer permanent results, at least not in terms of fighting fat, so we must adopt habits that complement these procedures, such as good nutrition and exercises.

It is important to keep in mind that while aesthetic treatments help us shape our figure, this and the surgeries do not remain unless we adopt these habits; which in the end will allow us to obtain better results or have them for much longer.

When undergoing surgery such as liposuction, the surgeon clarifies that the results are not completely permanent, because although during the treatment the fat cells of the treated area are destroyed this does not prevent the fat from accumulating in other parts of the body.

To prevent fat from appearing in other parts of the body, it is necessary to modify life habits.

Either for health or for aesthetics

Exercise and good nutrition in addition to ensuring a quiet, prolonged and healthy life will allow you to show off a figure that falls within the much desired standards of beauty. It is important to keep in mind that one complements the other, it is of no use to exercise and eat poorly or eat healthy and not to practice any physical activity, since your body is 70% what you eat and 30% of the activities you do.

Indeed, feeding is a more important roll, but that does not mean that physical activity is unnecessary. Previously, the exercise was considered to be carried out more by vanity than by health, nowadays the mentality of people has been changed and for this reason the term “fitness” has been extended so much, which refers to a general state of health, according to Wikipedia tells us.

To be fit is to have a body in good condition, and fitness is everything that allows it: exercises, good nutrition and other care.

A sedentary life vs a healthy life

Let’s start by defining a sedentary lifestyle, the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2002, defined it as: “little agitation or movement.” This lifestyle includes very little exercise, usually increases the regime of health problems, especially weight gain and cardiovascular problems.

Sedentary lifestyle limits even more than age, because although we grow older our body is losing strength and agility, these shortcomings occur more strongly in sedentary people at ages that are still considered young.

Contrary to people who have been inclined to healthy living, who are at least guaranteed a proactive life, less likely to suffer from illness, pain, and other syndromes.

In Amatsu Spa we are not against aesthetic procedures, quite the contrary, that is why we perform them, because we enjoy seeing in our patients the satisfaction of achieving the results they have wanted so much, and also witnessing the increase in their self-esteem . But we suggest adopting good nutrition and exercise as important habits for a healthy life, which also allow these results to be maintained for much longer.

We emphasize that the aesthetic treatments that we perform in our spa are not designed to help you lose fat but are focused on shaping your figure and eliminating cellulite, because the only way to lose weight is through healthy food and exercise.

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