Facial Cleaning

limpieza facial medellin


  • Duration: 1 hour. More duration may be available
  • There is the possibility of having additional products in this service. You put the limit!


  • Delays the appearance of the first wrinkles.
  • They allow you to show a healthy and bright face.
  • Remove impurities such as blackheads and sticks.
  • Oxygenates your face´s skin

DESCRIPTION: facial cleansing is the most requested treatment and is known as the first step to initiate positive changes in the appearance and health of our skin. It focuses on eliminating impurities that accumulate in our pores due to the accumulation of dead skin, sebum and bacteria.

INCLUDES: cleaning, exfoliation, vaporization, extraction, high frequency, collagen veil and sunscreen.

RECOMMENDATION: Perform the procedure every three to four months and avoid exposing yourself to the sun the first hours after treatment.


Why Amatsu Spa?

Our spa offers a unique service, based on the humanization of our care without leaving behind professionalism regarding privacy and quality.

Our staff is kept up to date with the new techniques of Japanese millenary elements, therapies and philosophies. There are few spas in Medellín that are based on these relaxation methodologies, this is what makes us unique.

Did you know?

Our face is the most sensitive part of our body. The condition and appearance of our facial skin is a key indicator of our general state of health

How do i know if i need a facial cleaning session?

  • Hyperpigmentation in the skin.
  • Appearance of spots.
  • Acne.
  • Dehydration.
  • Inflammation.
  • Skin sensitivity.

How to extend the results after taking this facial cleaning?

    • Use the right products for your skin, whether it is oily, dry or mixed.
    • Use sunscreen.
    • Use products that contain antioxidants or the same grape to eliminate the free radicals that cause our aging.
    • Clean the face with micellar waters, cleansing milk, gels or tonics.

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