Is it healthy to receive regular massage? Massages in Medellin with Amatsu Spa

At Amatsu Spa we understand that the needs of each organism are different. We adapt the massage session, depending on the daily activity that each person performs and the moment they are living.

To receive regular body massages a prior medical evaluation is necessary.

Then, before choosing the type of massage you are going to request, it is important to distinguish between relaxing massages and deep tissue massages . We only give you a previous idea because then in Amatsu Spa we give you the information in detail.

The Swedish Massage is a massage applied to eliminate tensions, firm muscles and joints. It has a toning and relaxing effect. Promotes blood circulation, lymphatic and eliminates toxins. It helps the body to find its natural balance.

Deep tissue massage should be performed by experienced professionals as they perform a high movement of body, lymphatic, blood and toxin elimination fluids. It is advisable to let the body rest a few days before reapplying.

Therapeutic massages allow to eliminate muscular pains. They also serve to improve defenses, prevent aging and even treat depression.

If you need a spa with massages in Medellín, we invite you to consult our experts at Amatsu Spa, accessing all our information on the website .

After a heavy day of work, stress appears, represented by bad mood, headache, body aches, neck and back.

Without a doubt, muscle aches are among the first symptoms of stress. In this case we recommend first, take deep breaths for a few minutes.

You should concentrate on breathing, taking the air to fill the lungs and then slowly expelling it. This should be done in a quiet place.

Secondly, we recommend contacting our specialized Amatsu Spa staff where we are always ready to help you with a good massage session

In Amatsu Spa we also have orientation and massage service for men .

The relaxation massages serve to ward off stress, as well as offering other benefits to the body.

There are different types of therapeutic massages : Thai, relaxing massages , Swedish massage , shiatsu, lymphatic, anti-cellulite massage, therapeutic massages , Oriental chiromassage, chocolate therapy , Massage for pregnant women and babies, decontracting and tantric massages .

The therapeutic massages are ideal when diseases appear. In addition to acting on muscle pain, they also allow:

  • Relax the muscles eliminating muscle contractures. It tones and nourishes them by facilitating blood supply.
  • Nourish the body’s cells, delaying aging.
  • Stimulate the immune system and improving defenses.
  • Release tensions.
  • Improve self esteem.
  • Balance brain neurotransmitters to control depression.

Increase muscle performance , broadening the possibility that muscles can repeatedly strain against resistance.

It is important to take into account the symptoms of enlarged lymph nodes in the neck or armpits, sore throat, loss of memory or concentration, joint or muscle fiber pain without apparent cause, headaches, unrepairing sleep and extreme exhaustion after performing physical or mental exercise since they can be symptoms of muscle fatigue .

The Muscle fatigue is the total or partial loss of muscle strength to produce, which may cause injury. It can be caused by poor feeding overtraining and states of distress.

Muscles present this symptom when the body has insufficient calcium levels to produce muscle relaxation and contraction correctly. The muscle fatigue may also result from poor muscle glycogen accumulation Lactic acid muscular or dehydration.

Some recommendations to prevent injuries and reduce muscle fatigue when exercising: Start the routine with a warm-up. Hydrate well during the routine, do not overdo it, perform stretching, in case of pain, rest and consult your doctor.

Relaxation massage is a manual therapy aimed at improving the well-being of the person. Its objective is to increase the production of endorphins in the body.

It is a manual treatment that is applied in different parts of the body with the purpose of eliminating pain, releasing muscular tensions , improving blood and lymphatic circulation , as well as relieving stress, anxiety and daily stresses.

It is a method of assessment and manual treatment of parts of the human body that have a medical condition or are likely to present it. They have the purpose of relieving or eliminating pain and releasing muscular tensions , improving blood and lymphatic circulation and getting relief from stress, anxiety and daily tensions.

The massages are normally applied on a stretcher, with the part of the body to work bare. The massage session is done with soft and shallow manipulations to offer the patient a subtle and pleasant sensory stimulation. The massage room should be a relaxing environment, with adequate temperature, soft music. There it is also played with the aromas of the oils used for the massage.

In the relaxing massage it is done with firm and progressive movements to discharge accumulated tensions. No pressure is applied, it also has no side effects and is applied with the hands and forearms with the help of oils or creams in an environment that invites tranquility. It can be applied individually, as a couple or as a family.

Types of therapeutic massages most used: Swedish (Swedish Massage), aromatherapy, hot stones, deep tissue , shiatsu, thai, pregnancy, reflexology.

We currently work a lot of time on computers. In this way we spent long hours watching a monitor, sitting in a chair and without much movement. The lack of physical activity contributes to problems such as stress, chronic pain in the neck, upper back or lower back, obesity and low health condition. In this case, the back massages that go from the neck to the hips are ideal .

Other origins are: an accident, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, or terminals such as cancer.

The Sports Massage consists of a series of maneuvers for the preparation of muscle tissues for a competition, also conditioning them for the moments after the event and the spaces between each sports activity . Your goal is to optimize muscle performance.


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